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Getting Started

Working with DTS is a pretty simple yet detailed process. Typically we can get you set up and running in about 2 weeks. Our goal is to ensure that it is a mutually beneficial partnership therefore we do follow a detailed process and have multiple conversations with our prospective Sales Consultants.

Email your resume to DTS
Once we receive your resume we will review it to ensure your overall skillset is one that matches up with what we are looking for. This can take 2-3 days for us to review and get back to you.
Initial Interview and conversations
Our top management will reach out to you after we review your resume. At that point you have the initial conversations with our management regarding your overall experiences and goals. If we both agree that you’re a good fit for DTS, we can then move forward to the next step.
Sign off on ICA agreement
We will provide you with a copy of our ICA agreement for your review. You will need to look that over and sign off on the agreement so we can get you set up in our TMS and be a part of the DTS organization.
After we have your ICA signed off on and dated, we can then move forward with setting up your training time frames. You will spend a good deal of time working remotely with our operations and management staff being acclimated to our processes and procedures.



For over two decades, DTS has helped businesses reduce administrative and transportation cost by providing multiple carrier options & personalized service.

Our commission is one of
the best in the industry with
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